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iMixes.ru is the world's largest online dance music store. Based in Moscow, Russian, we have been online since December 2012, and since then we have built a reputation as the most comprehensive source for new and back catalogue dance music. Every day we offer you hundreds new tracks available in high quality MP3 and WAV formats.

We will place your tracks, albums, audiobooks and other works at iMixes.ru and dozens of other Internet resources belonging to our partners. According to your wish in several hours only your music will appear in leading Internet shops.

There is no need to register your Company for that. You can easly publish your content by yourself without ungrounded label's fees and tiresome contracts with big record companies. Our software lets every musician publish personal content on the biggest Internet platforms.
It is accessibly very quickly and works in real time.

Our legal system is simple and transperent. Your account on iMixes.ru works by itself beginning with loading to the calculating of payment. At any moment you can stop the contract with us. There is no validity time for the contract. The price structure suggested by our service is very simple- there is now hidden expenditures or dependence on the period of agreement or risks.

We hope you enjoy our collaboration.


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